Daily Archives: July 15, 2008

[REVIEW] The Black Mages – The Skies Above (2004)

The sequel to what I consider an overall excellent video game album, The Black Mages – The Skies Above continues what [cref review-tbm-the-black-mages The Black Mages] started. I know it’s a few years old, but since it’s on my PMP, I consider it review worthy (even if only to pad the blog). Continue reading [REVIEW] The Black Mages – The Skies Above (2004)


Anyone else besides myself know how to draw the font but not how to add OpenType features to it properly? I want to add contextual alternates so that if the word ATOM appears the regular M is replaced with an alternate M (basically the same glyph but mirrored). Should be easy, right? For some reason my font doesn’t want to cooperate.

In theory, the following should work:

feature calt {
	sub A T O M' by M.alt;

And yet, it doesn’t change in Photoshop. What gives??

[REVIEW] Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

After letting it sit for about five months, I finally turned on FF12 again so I could defeat the last boss to watch the end sequence at least once. The only reason I didn’t five months ago was because, when it comes to Final Fantasy, I’m generally of the completist mindset, and there still remains the two non-endboss ultimate boss charas – the elite mark Yiazmat (~50 million HP according to the BradyGames strategy guide), and…Omega. Always Omega. Continue reading [REVIEW] Final Fantasy XII (PS2)