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I’ve been a member of IconBuffet for quite some time now, and I feel I’ve amassed a decent number of icon sets. IconBuffet is like an Internet swap meet for icons; people have icons, want icons, and can trade icons for other icons. All the icons are royalty-free stock icons created by the members of IB, and many of them come in multiple dimensions. Some are grouped into “families,” where there’s a very similar style of pixel art between icons to go along with the name. There are a few other features I haven’t yet explored, but once I have time I can’t wait to do it!

[REVIEW] The Black Mages – Darkness and Starlight (2008)

The much awaited third album from what may be the most legendary video game band of all time, The Black Mages – Darkness and Starlight turns out not to be my cup of tea. While half the album remixes some of my favorite Final Fantasy songs, I’m not quite a fan of these particular remixes and the other half is pretty much “meh” for me. Continue reading [REVIEW] The Black Mages – Darkness and Starlight (2008)