An overdue update

K, so apparently I haven’t updated the blog since September ’08, and I apologize to any ACTUAL people who wanted to read something regularly from me. So here’s what’s happened since then…

  • I’ve finished my time w/Musika
  • I’ve almost completely run out of money, so therefore…
  • I’ve been sending resumes out for another project
  • I’ve joined an independent game company “Kagero Studios” as a typographer; I’m currently in the middle of making a custom font for Kagero to use
  • I’ve started work on a new Sphere menu project “NeoLogiX Menu System v3” (aka NMenu3)

So, yea, that’s what’s been happening lately. I’ve also been experimenting w/some software and learning Objective-C (and eventually Cocoa) so I can improve my Mac programming and eventually fully port VGMTool and such.

1 thought on “An overdue update

  1. When selecting the 24 hour clock option, it does not retain that setting when we open the machine everyday. Needs work.

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