A new project

I’ll be starting a new project and will be documenting it here. The plan is to mod a PlayStation (aka PSX) controller (the classic one, pre-analog/Dual-Shock) to become an arcade-style joystick for not only PlayStation use but also MAME use on the computer (with a controller converter I already have).

I’ve ordered the following arcade parts online from GroovyGameGear.com:

  • Happ “Competition” joystick
  • 8 Happ concave pushbuttons (2 yellow, 2 orange, 1 red for O, purple for ☐, blue for X, green for Δ)
  • 1 white w/black “player 1” imprint Happ pushbutton (probably for the “Start” button)
  • Total cost (after shipping & tax): US$28.36

Unfortunately, they don’t have a black w/white “player 1” imprint Happ pushbutton. I’ll have to get it somewhere else, but if I do get it it’ll be the “Start” and the white will be “Select.” Either way, I should be receiving my parts soon and can get started. I’ll be using 22-gauge stranded wire (from RadioShack) and I have to find a place that sells female crimp-on quick-disconnects in bulk (at least a pack of 30); worst comes to worst I’ll get it directly from Happ’s website. I’ll also need solder (I forgot to pick that up when I bought the wire 😛 ).

To start, I already have a classic PSX controller that works and ready to mod. When I actually start the procedure I’ll take many pics. I also have a Domino’s pizza box which I’ll use as a temporary case for the setup (got the idea from this XBox 360 controller mod project); the shape of the box is VERY conducive to stability. I’ll be following the work of this guy who had successfully modded a classic PSX controller to an arcade joystick; where his work only allows 6 of the 8 action buttons to be used, however, I plan to use EVERY button (which is why I’m starting w/a classic PSX controller, and not going straight to a Dual-Shock; Dual-Shock joystick will be the NEXT project 😉 ). I’ve also been practicing gripping my soldering iron to see what’s comfortable for me.

So to sum up, at writing I have in my possession the original controller, a small pizza box, a soldering iron, and a total of abt 75 feet of wire (25 red, 50 black). On their way are a bunch of buttons and a joystick. I’ll still need solder (no prob) & female quick-disconnects (should be no prob), but otherwise I’ll be pretty much ready to go! I’ll keep y’all posted as I go through the process.