End-of-Summer Updates

I finally got around to developing a Twenty Thirteen-based blog theme, AND I updated it to use the current site design instead of simply porting the old blog theme. Hooray for consistency!

In other news, this summer was a pain-in-the-ass which I would rather not talk about here, as this is an as-of-yet unresolved issue in my life. When it reaches resolution I may open up a bit more about it here.

On the plus side, I found a good set of motivational audio programs to listen to subliminally while I sleep. The one I currently listen to is directed at attaining “absolute self-confidence” and I’ve already felt a change in mindset. Let’s see if it sticks.

Started using AdSense on all my sites. Passive income and all that.

Started back at school and am struggling to keep up due to unexpected illness. I believe it’s related to the medication I’ve been taking for the past month and a half and plan on discussing with my doctor ending it. Chemicals are bad, m’kay?

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