State of the Alex, 2018 edition

Going through all my various files, I noticed how far back my last blog post here was. A lot has indeed happened in the almost three years between then and now…including:

  • Finally graduated from college! More on that below.
  • Major life events, both good and bad.
  • Taken on a contract dev gig while searching for paid full-time employment, or ludicrously paid part-time employment.

I had finished the fall 2016 semester with two incomplete classes, expecting that I would be able to make up that work by the end of the spring 2017 semester and officially graduate then. Little did I know that a class I had thought I passed with a C I actually failed. I finished one of the INCs and resigned myself to taking one more, part-time semester in spring 2018 to make up for the other since I did not get official notification of not graduating until it was too late to register for fall 2017, not finding out about the F until about two weeks into spring 2018.

I ended up taking two classes in the spring of 2018 and fortunately passed both. Hunter won’t release my diploma until at least four months after the end of the final semester, so I won’t be receiving it until at least October of this year, if not later. At least I finally did it, achieved a goal I strove for since 2003, and proved to myself that after all the trials and tribulations I indeed still have the ability to finish what I start.

In 2018 I finally launched another website, Alex Rosario Type, where my typeface and font design and development will be chronicled. My free fonts, as well as my recently released pay fonts, are highlighted, as well as links to downloads and purchase options! I was able to get onto MyFonts and I expect to be able to get onto other online font shops soon. I look forward to making more money with my commercial font work, and look forward to the possibility of positively increasing my public exposure.

Currently working two dev jobs, one to take care of my biggest obligation and one to make some cash to pay miscellaneous bills. I have some promising job leads, but time will tell if they bear fruit.

I have lost friends and family but also gained friends and family, and look forward to a more stable, positive support system, people who have my back and push me up rather than drag me down. I look forward to being able to pursue more creative endeavors now!

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