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A long-awaited website update!

I have finally gotten around to finding the original project file for the website header, so I’ve split out the layers to separate files and added some parallax scrolling pizzazz to the header graphics! The blog’s header image should also be replaced with the mosaic base image; the style is cached pretty aggressively, so either wait it out or clear the cache.

Almost 30!

Apparently the last post was October 2013, sorry about the delay. So what’s happened?

  • I’ve updated the main site! It is indeed a single-page site now with minimal JS: jQuery for AJAX-ing the blog roll, modernizr for loading respond.js. Haven’t touched the blog theme like I said I’d do, though, and apparently lost the QR code box I used to have for some reason.
  • I’m still in college full-time with multiple failed attempts at doing full-time school AND full-time work simultaneously. I don’t know what the bigger issue is, the mental or the physical aspect of it.
  • Various personal life events have happened that I’d prefer not to list here.

I had a trio of posts to put up here months ago but I haven’t finished them since I wanted them to be on point. Some day…

Anyways! It’s less than a month until I turn 30 years old and while there are a couple of things I can cross off the list (like owning a company, for example) there’s still a ways to go. Let’s see what happens in the year of 30, peeps!

More site development

After some updates I’m redeveloping my theme to use Twenty Thirteen as a base. I’m also working again on the main site redesign; it’s going to end up being a single-pager, so I have to make sure everything is on point and prep for possibly a separate page for portfolio.

Portfolio is light because most of my professional work is agency work and I signed various documents to that effect previously, so I can’t put up said work but I can still link people to it somehow. It’s a weird situation I got myself into. :/

Some development experiments

I’m trying a few things out for now – made a custom Twenty Eleven child theme a while back and will eventually update it to be a Twenty Twelve child, added mobile detection a while back, added QR code just now, and apparently need to fix my webfont serving. Just trying to stay relevant while the vast majority of my professional time is sucked up by my current position.

Site design update!

I’ve finally updated the design of the main site! It looks a lot cleaner, the HTML is more streamlined, and the CSS has been updated to take advantage of features found in more modern browsers (that means no IE 6 or 7, y’all). Should now be easier to add stuff. Graphics have also been changed as well.

Braeburn apples

I just recently found that certain kinds of apples can reduce the effects of acid reflux and general heartburn. After much searching I found that it’s the “cultivar” known as braeburn. It’s sweet and tart; that probably helps, and I also read somewhere it has a particular level of acidity that for some reason soothes your stomach. It looks a LOT like a gala apple, so make sure when you want a braeburn apple you pay attention. Braeburns are supposedly only in season from October to April up here, but it’s September and apparently out of 6 or 7 markets I’ve checked, only ONE has them – Whole Foods. At $2.99/lb. Go fig.


I’ve been a member of IconBuffet for quite some time now, and I feel I’ve amassed a decent number of icon sets. IconBuffet is like an Internet swap meet for icons; people have icons, want icons, and can trade icons for other icons. All the icons are royalty-free stock icons created by the members of IB, and many of them come in multiple dimensions. Some are grouped into “families,” where there’s a very similar style of pixel art between icons to go along with the name. There are a few other features I haven’t yet explored, but once I have time I can’t wait to do it!

[REVIEW] The Black Mages – Darkness and Starlight (2008)

The much awaited third album from what may be the most legendary video game band of all time, The Black Mages – Darkness and Starlight turns out not to be my cup of tea. While half the album remixes some of my favorite Final Fantasy songs, I’m not quite a fan of these particular remixes and the other half is pretty much “meh” for me. Continue reading [REVIEW] The Black Mages – Darkness and Starlight (2008)

[REVIEW] The Black Mages – The Skies Above (2004)

The sequel to what I consider an overall excellent video game album, The Black Mages – The Skies Above continues what [cref review-tbm-the-black-mages The Black Mages] started. I know it’s a few years old, but since it’s on my PMP, I consider it review worthy (even if only to pad the blog). Continue reading [REVIEW] The Black Mages – The Skies Above (2004)


Anyone else besides myself know how to draw the font but not how to add OpenType features to it properly? I want to add contextual alternates so that if the word ATOM appears the regular M is replaced with an alternate M (basically the same glyph but mirrored). Should be easy, right? For some reason my font doesn’t want to cooperate.

In theory, the following should work:

feature calt {
	sub A T O M' by M.alt;

And yet, it doesn’t change in Photoshop. What gives??

[REVIEW] Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

After letting it sit for about five months, I finally turned on FF12 again so I could defeat the last boss to watch the end sequence at least once. The only reason I didn’t five months ago was because, when it comes to Final Fantasy, I’m generally of the completist mindset, and there still remains the two non-endboss ultimate boss charas – the elite mark Yiazmat (~50 million HP according to the BradyGames strategy guide), and…Omega. Always Omega. Continue reading [REVIEW] Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

Yea, it’s a blog.

Yes, I’m putting a blog on my site. Hopefully it’ll actually be useful for me to organize thoughts and whatnot. I’ll likely use it for reviews and such. Let’s see where it goes…