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Almost 30!

Apparently the last post was October 2013, sorry about the delay. So what’s happened?

  • I’ve updated the main site! It is indeed a single-page site now with minimal JS: jQuery for AJAX-ing the blog roll, modernizr for loading respond.js. Haven’t touched the blog theme like I said I’d do, though, and apparently lost the QR code box I used to have for some reason.
  • I’m still in college full-time with multiple failed attempts at doing full-time school AND full-time work simultaneously. I don’t know what the bigger issue is, the mental or the physical aspect of it.
  • Various personal life events have happened that I’d prefer not to list here.

I had a trio of posts to put up here months ago but I haven’t finished them since I wanted them to be on point. Some day…

Anyways! It’s less than a month until I turn 30 years old and while there are a couple of things I can cross off the list (like owning a company, for example) there’s still a ways to go. Let’s see what happens in the year of 30, peeps!

Braeburn apples

I just recently found that certain kinds of apples can reduce the effects of acid reflux and general heartburn. After much searching I found that it’s the “cultivar” known as braeburn. It’s sweet and tart; that probably helps, and I also read somewhere it has a particular level of acidity that for some reason soothes your stomach. It looks a LOT like a gala apple, so make sure when you want a braeburn apple you pay attention. Braeburns are supposedly only in season from October to April up here, but it’s September and apparently out of 6 or 7 markets I’ve checked, only ONE has them – Whole Foods. At $2.99/lb. Go fig.

[REVIEW] The Black Mages – Darkness and Starlight (2008)

The much awaited third album from what may be the most legendary video game band of all time, The Black Mages – Darkness and Starlight turns out not to be my cup of tea. While half the album remixes some of my favorite Final Fantasy songs, I’m not quite a fan of these particular remixes and the other half is pretty much “meh” for me. Continue reading [REVIEW] The Black Mages – Darkness and Starlight (2008)

[REVIEW] The Black Mages – The Skies Above (2004)

The sequel to what I consider an overall excellent video game album, The Black Mages – The Skies Above continues what [cref review-tbm-the-black-mages The Black Mages] started. I know it’s a few years old, but since it’s on my PMP, I consider it review worthy (even if only to pad the blog). Continue reading [REVIEW] The Black Mages – The Skies Above (2004)

[REVIEW] Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

After letting it sit for about five months, I finally turned on FF12 again so I could defeat the last boss to watch the end sequence at least once. The only reason I didn’t five months ago was because, when it comes to Final Fantasy, I’m generally of the completist mindset, and there still remains the two non-endboss ultimate boss charas – the elite mark Yiazmat (~50 million HP according to the BradyGames strategy guide), and…Omega. Always Omega. Continue reading [REVIEW] Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

Yea, it’s a blog.

Yes, I’m putting a blog on my site. Hopefully it’ll actually be useful for me to organize thoughts and whatnot. I’ll likely use it for reviews and such. Let’s see where it goes…