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Welcome to website development by Apollolux Digital Designs!

  • Need a responsive, mobile-ready website?
  • Have a website design that needs proper slicing?
  • Want to set up a blog?
  • Use a database or have some other back-end web programming need?
  • Do you know what HTML5 or CSS3 is? Do you care?

Apollolux Digital Designs has you covered!

Apollolux offers various web programming, web development, and web design services at competitive rates.

  • Front-end web development using the latest, smartphone-friendly technologies
  • Back-end web development using a pre-made content management system, aka CMS, or ask for a custom solution
  • Slice your design into a properly coded web page or site
  • Expert recommendations on best web practices based on 15 years of constant research and analysis of the three Ts of the web: technologies, techniques, and trends
  • Expertise with a variety of applications on Windows and Mac OS X systems
  • 100% made in New York City, 100% made in America!

A personal blog is also kept here by Apollolux's front man, Alex Rosario.

What else has Alex been up to?

Projects, Past and Present

Employed Development

Independent Projects

Personal Projects

  • Pursuit of a bachelor's degree in computer science at the City University of New York, Hunter College
  • TypoClock, a Mac OS X Dashboard Widget based on the TypoClock Android widget and Typophone iOS lockscreen

How about some development experiments?

Experiments in Coding



  • jQuery dotMenu, a jQuery reimplementation of the DHTML Central Dot Menu

Sphere Engine

  • Artyxx, the tech demo for NShoot, a JavaScript shoot'em-up engine using the Sphere API
  • NMIDI, a JavaScript MIDI sequence processor



  • Coming soon!


  • Coming soon!


Don't delay, contact Alex now!

Contact Alex Rosario


  • Email: luxatom at gmail dot com
  • Email (alt): apollolux at gmail dot com
  • Email (alt): neoexmachina at gmail dot com
  • Phone: by request


  • luxatom at live dot com
  • luxatom at hotmail dot com